Germany launches new Crown Virus Contact Tracking App

According tomedia reports, Germany has become the latest to launch a new crown virus contact tracking app countries. The German government has begun asking the public to download new apps so authorities have a better chance of steming infection rates. The new Corona-Warn-App is available for Android and Apple devices, using a decentralized approach to build using the Apple-Google Bluetooth API.

Germany launches new Crown Virus Contact Tracking App

At the launch, German Health Minister Jens Spahn reportedly said:

This app is not omnipotted. This is not a free pass. But this is an important complementary tool for controlling the outbreak.

An important detail to note is that the ongoing contact tracking efforts by governments around the world do not rely solely on contact tracing applications. While they are important for telling those around you that they may be infected with COVID-19, they can still be tracked in a more limited way, asking those who have tested positive for positive recently where and who they have been in contact with, and who can be contacted.

A number of EU countries have previously launched decentralized contact tracking apps, including Italy, Poland, Latvia and Germany. As Germany announced its application, EU member states agreed to technical standards applied by countries so they could communicate with each other, which would allow contact tracking to work across borders, Reuters reported.