Analysts say Apple’s 5G iPhone 12 will release four models as scheduled in September

On the morning of June 17, analysts at investment bank Wedbush predicted that the 5G iPhone 12 would be released as scheduled in September, according tomedia Apple Insider. Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, said the outbreak had had a big impact on production in early 2020, but Apple’s supply chain had now been normalised ahead of schedule. The re-normalization of production also gives Apple the ability to release the 5G version of the iPhone 12 in September.

Analysts say Apple's 5G iPhone 12 will release four models as scheduled in September

Despite previous reports that the iPhone 12 will be launched in a similar way to the iPhone X, Daniel is bullish that Apple will debut the iPhone 12 in September and ship it in early October. This is in line with Apple’s usual timing of the iPhone release.

In line with previous rumors about the Phone 12, Daniel expects Apple to launch four iPhone models, which will be compatible with 4G and 5G. Despite the 5G support, at least one of these devices may cost less than $1,000. The 5G iPhone may have US and non-US versions, with only some models having faster mmWave 5G support.

Daniel believes that 5G is no longer a technical hurdle for Apple, so it makes sense to release the 5G iPhone in September. About 350 million of the world’s 950m iPhones are currently in the upgrade window, and the introduction of some low-cost models could boost these older users.

For the upcoming WWDC2020, the analyst expects Apple to showcase the iOS 14 operating system at WWDC 2020, and announce sits that Intel will move to ARM-based Mac processors, AR glasses or other wearables. (Yu Ze)