When will the Boeing 737 MAX return? FAA: Take it slow, don’t worry.

Memos and video messages seen by Reuters on November 14 show that top FAA officials have said it would be “slow and long” to review when the Boeing 737 MAX can resume flights, Reuters reported. The statement is believed to be at odds with Boeing’s previously stated timetable.

When will the Boeing 737 MAX return? FAA: Take it slow, don't worry.

Boeing reportedly said only a few days ago that it hoped the FAA would issue an airworthiness directive in mid-December to allow the 737 MAX to return to flight. Although Boeing admitted that it would not be able to renew its pilot training license until January 2020, the new timetable has led to a sharp rise in Boeing’s share price on the 11th.

However, U.S. officials said privately this week that Boeing’s timetable was unrealistic and had not been approved by regulators in advance.

On November 15, local time, FAA Director Dickerson made it clear that the FAA would make a decision on whether to return the Boeing 737 MAX to flight, based on its own timetable.

“I know we’re under a lot of pressure to get these planes back on flying quickly, but I hope you can take a slow look at safety … and I hope you can take care of it,” Dixon told staff in a video. The FAA has full control over the certification process. ”

Dixon also explicitly supports inspectors, uses data-driven methods to analyze aircraft safety, carefully reviews and validates modified flight control systems, and updates the pilot training system.

It is reported that in 2018, Indonesia Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from Jakarta shortly after take-off crashed, all 189 people on board were killed. In March 2019, the aircraft was killed in a second fatal crash in Ethiopia, killing all 157 people on board. The series was subsequently grounded worldwide.

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