Jack Ma advises African entrepreneurs: Don’t always want to be Jack Ma: look more at the experience of failure

“People in many countries are worried about the Internet, AI, robots, and only Africa is not worried. Europeans fear losing the past, and Africans are proud of the future. “It is our entrepreneur’s mission not to worry about the past, but to think about the future, ” Ma said during an exchange with young entrepreneurs from French-speaking African countries in Lome the Togolese capital of Togo on November 14. ”

Jack Ma advises African entrepreneurs: Don't always want to do Ma Yun look more at the experience of failure

Entrepreneurs from French-speaking African countries such as Togo, Rwanda, Guinea and Senegal gave warm cheers and applause.

This is the third year in a row that Jack Ma has come to Africa. Just as teachers always want students to be better than themselves, Jack Ma comes to Africa every year in the hope of finding the best entrepreneurs, training and helping them succeed.

Therefore, in addition to launching the Jack Ma Youth Entrepreneurship Fund to provide financial support for African entrepreneurs, Jack Ma  best and most willing to do, is to communicate with local entrepreneurs as much as possible, with their own failures and experience to help them grow into excellent entrepreneurs.

Jack Ma advises African entrepreneurs: Don't always want to do Ma Yun look more at the experience of failure

Mr. Ma will give 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and business experience. “Seeing you is like seeing myself 20 years ago,” he told young African entrepreneurs on the scene. It’s the happiest thing to talk to you. ”

Weak infrastructure and difficult entrepreneurial conditions are common challenges for African entrepreneurs. “China was more difficult in 1999 than it is now in Africa, with no cell phones and 4G, most people don’t believe in the Internet, there’s no logistics or credit cards, ” Mr Ma said. But I believe the Internet will change China. It was because of China at that time that there was no that we had the opportunity to entrepreneurs. If there is anything in China, what do we do? ”

In his eyes, Mr. Ma says, Africa is full of hope, unlike Europe, which is worried about everywhere, because “Africa is not worried about anything but wants the future”.

Faced with all kinds of confusion from entrepreneurs in various African industries such as logistics, retail, mobile payments, home, etc., Jack Ma has a question and answer: “Small companies hire people to consider who you use, big companies to consider who you fire”, “Don’t prove that you are smarter than others, to prove that the team is smarter than you”, “customers are your best sales”, “” Brand names are important, you have to take a good name” …

Jack Ma advises African entrepreneurs: Don’t always think about “being the next Jack Ma”, you might as well take a look at Jack Ma’s failure. “I have two words in my life, failure, come again.” If you give up, you really fail. Or there’s always a chance. That’s what I want to tell African entrepreneurs. You can’t be Jack Ma in two years, but you can be Jack Ma of Togo in 10 years. ”

The official social media account of Togo’s presidential palace broadcast the exchange live, calling Ma an indisputable symbol of success in the eyes of young Africans. On social media such as Twitter, Mr. Ma’s videos, photos and views continue to be swiped, with entrepreneurs from across Africa watching and discussing his visit. A Togolese entrepreneur left a message saying: The most important thing now is to try my best to attend any meeting that Mr Ma is about to attend.

In subsequent activities, he also suggested that the Presidents of Togo and Ghana establish four “e”: first, enabling and supporting entrepreneurs e-Entrepreneur; And again, e-government, which makes government transparent and efficient. Finally, education e-Education.

“We should make sure that young people who start a business are heroes because they are heroes. Ma said.

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