AMD official confirmation: Zen 3 Ryzen to be released this year

7nm process, Zen 2 architecture mobile version of Ryzen 4000U, Ryzen 4000H series, desktop version of The Ryzen 4000G series, are very fragrant, AMD has just released the chicken blood version of the Ryzen 3000XT. However, many players are also eagerly looking forward to Zen 3’s new architecture of the fourth generation of the Desktop Ryzen 4000 series, although still 7nm process, but architecture, frequency, cache, performance, etc. will have a leap forward.

However, around the Zen 3 architecture, there have been various statements, especially the release time, many voices think that it wants to “jump ticket” to 2021, a just released Ryzen 3000XT accelerated version, it seems to be filling the gap in time, the second Intel product competitiveness is not enough, AMD is no longer in a hurry to update.

And in the previous lying line announced by AMD, AMD’s vague lying of the Zen 3 architecture Ryzen is close to 2021, adding to the suspicion.

Of course, AMD never explicitly said that Zen 3 would be released, so whenever it comes out, it’s not really a “jump ticket.”

AMD official confirmation: Zen 3 Ryzen to be released this year

Now, finally, can rest assured. TechPowerUp said it had a brief call with AMD officials, who confirmed that the Zen 3 Ryzen processor will still be released as planned in 2020!

AMD has previously confirmed that in addition to the X570, B550 series motherboards, the previous generation of X470, B450 will also support the Zen 3 New Ryzen, simply upgrade the BIOS, but this may also be the last generation of the AM4 interface.