media say U.S. will extend Huawei’s temporary license for 14 days

The move follows a series of sanctions against Huawei announced on May 16th, including an executive order barring U.S. companies from buying telecommunications equipment and services provided by “foreign adversaries” and placing the company on a “entity list” of regulators. However, Huawei then obtained a temporary permit from the U.S. Department of Commerce to delay Huawei’s ban by 90 days, which will run from May 21 to August 19.

On 17 August, the temporary permit was extended for a period of another 90 days, which ended on 17 November 2019.

On November 16th,media reported that U.S. officials planned to renew huawei’s temporary license.

Foreign media said the extension was two weeks, that is, until December 1, as to why it is not as long as the previous 90 days, there are reports that regulatory reasons. But neither U.S. officials nor Huawei have confirmed the authenticity of the news.

The temporary license, which primarily facilitates Huawei’s continued follow-up support to existing users, appears to contradict the U.S. decision to sanction Huawei, but there are very real reasons behind it. Many small and medium-sized urban and rural telecommunications networks in the U.S. are provided by small operators, most of whom choose Huawei devices because of cost, and if Huawei suddenly disappears, the subsequent maintenance of those operators will be problematic.

Foreign media say U.S. will extend Huawei's temporary license for 14 days

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