A “nuclear bomb grave” in the Pacific could be leaked at any time if the world continues to warm.

The Marshall Islands is located in the Central Pacific Micronesia region, where the United States detonated 67 nuclear bombs in the Marshall Islands during the Cold War, conducted 12 biological weapons tests in the region and transported 130 tons of radioactive soil from a test site in Nevada. The United States then mixed all irradiated soil and debris with concrete, dumped it in a bomb-made crater, and in 1980 covered the entire crater with an 18-inch-thick concrete dome.

The Red Circle is the location of the Marshall Islands.

It can be said that the U. S. military nuclear test left a tomb, although buried, but the nuclear test fragments and radioactive soil as global warming, may eventually be detonated. Foreign media reported that the tomb’s dome has cracked because of climate change.

Marshall Islands officials asked the U.S. government to help them maintain it, but they were told that because the dome was on the Marshall Islands, it was the responsibility of the Marshall Government. “How could this be ours?” said Hilda Hein, president of the Marshall Islands. We don’t want this thing, the lid is not made by us, and the garbage in it is not ours. This is theirs. ”

The Los Angeles Times commented that it was a betrayal of Marshall by the U.S. government and could trigger the next nuclear disaster.

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