16 people in Florida infected with new crown virus at the same bar

Even if the curve flattens, the new crown virus infection will not go away, and there has been a surge in new cases in other areas that have recently reopened, as in Florida, according tomedia reports. The state is reported to have set two records in a matter of days – 2,581 confirmed cases of new pneumonia on Friday and 2,783 on Tuesday. The previous high was 1,601 in mid-May.

16 people in Florida infected with new crown virus at the same bar


People may relax earlier than they should, which explains why 16 friends went to a recently reopened bar and all went to the virus. It’s much more difficult to keep a social distance in a closed environment like a bar, and it’s not practical to wear a mask while drinking.

Kat Layton, one of 16, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo: “We want to raise awareness and get ahead of (the outbreak).) We want to tell people that it’s really not yet to the level we think it is, and it’s too early. “

It is understood the group was celebrating a friend in a crowded bar when it was clear that no one was wearing a mask at the time. Erika Crisp points out that what they’ve heard from the mayor and the governor is that everything is fine, and that they don’t know who’s carrying the virus. A few days later, however, they were all sick. Dara Sweat says she felt broken by the news that she had been infected from friends.

Thankfully, none of them had serious symptoms, and only a few developed flu-like symptoms of the new crown pneumonia. The three men said they were convinced they had been infected in the bar, and they also revealed that they had received messages from strangers who had also been infected with the virus after visiting the bar.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday that he has no intention of shutting down the state again, despite a record number of confirmed cases. “No, we’re not closing the door, you know, we’re going to move on.” We will continue to protect the most vulnerable groups. You know, we’re going to urge, and continue to advise, especially our seniors, to stay at a social distance and avoid crowds. “

So far, more than 80,000 people have been diagnosed with infection and nearly 3,000 people have died in Florida.