Rumor: Halo: Infinity has a campaign similar to the one-mirror battle of “War Gods 4” or can switch between the first third person

Halo: Infinity will go on sale this year, but there is little official news about the game. Previously, Studio 343 said Halo: Infinity would be bigger and more open than the previous work in the Halo series, but otherthan things were blurred. But there are new rumours that Halo: Infinity may learn something from one of Sony’s biggest exclusive games, “War Gods 4.”

According to a tweet posted by Twitter users @BigGreyDonut, the Real Deal Xbox podcast says that Halo: Infinity and War Gods 4 have something similar and is a masterpiece.

“Halo: Infinity” and “War Gods 4″ have something in common, and we’ll point it out after the game’s official release, ” says the Real Deal Xbox podcast. That’s what we only recently learned, it’s really cool. Again, Halo: Infinity is clearly a masterpiece. Everything you see is an in-game engine, 60 frames, but there’s no light chase or anything like that.

So what does Halo: Infinity have in common with Gosof 4? Some on the ResetEra forum raised the possibility that Halo: Infinity might have a campaign similar to “The Mirror To the End” of Goss 4, a speculation agreed by a well-known Microsoft insider and the pop star, Klobrille, and responded with a response of “Bingo.”

According tomedia Wccftech, “one mirror in the end” for a third-person game like “War God 4” is meaningful, but for a first-person perspective game, what would 343 do? Will the whole game, including the scene animation, be first-person? Or will the game switch seamlessly between the first and third people? The latter seems more likely – the previous Halo: Infinity trailer shows a sequence of stories (although there is still one clip) and switches between first- and third-person perspectives.

So whether Halo: Infinity will have something similar to “War Gods 4” and will have studio 343 announce further news of the game.