Musk meets ‘nail house’, small-town resident: He destroyed our home

On June 18th, Us tech tycoon Elon Musk has been dreaming of building a human home on Mars, according tomedia reports, as he continues to expand his SpaceX empire. However, the residents of Boca Chica, Texas, have fallen victim to their Mars dreams. They resented Musk, saying it was destroying their Earth’s homes.

Pictured: Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, us space exploration technology company

Since 2015, Musk has been buying homes and land in the Boca Chica region to expand SpaceX and build a test site for its Starship program. SpaceX now owns most of the village, but the remaining 12 residents are reluctant to leave their homes and accuse Musk and SpaceX of trying to drive them away through threatening and aggressive tactics.

Records show that most of Boca Chica’s properties are valued at between $40,000 and $60,000, but residents say SpaceX’s offer is much lower, almost treating them as abandoned buildings. At the same time, these residents have been repeatedly threatened and intimidated, putting enormous pressure on many families and eventually being forced to sell their homes and leave.

Until 2015, Boca Chica was a quiet village with only 35 houses and a chapel spread over the dirt road. The village is located in Boca Chica State Park, where there are many wild animals such as bluecoist and coyote.

Now, however, SpaceX has set up a launch site here, including a rocket production facility, just metres from residential homes. SpaceX security guards patrolled the streets in black Tesla cars, and the Starship test explosion even shattered the windows of homes, almost deafening people.

All residents say they are concerned about the future of wildlife in the area, and say the arrival of SpaceX has led to the disappearance of birds and coyotes that once thrived in large numbers. Local turtle charities say they have reached an agreement with SpaceX to move the turtle’s nest sourcing the turtle from Boca Chica Beach and nearby launch sites. (Small)