Cool on SpaceX Starship Factory Buys a Machine Dog

June 18 (UPI) — Space exploration company SpaceX’s Starship Manufacturing Plant in Boca Chica has introduced a Boston-powered Spot robot that has appeared at the plant site, according tomedia reports. Speculation was immediately sparked on June 14th when people following the Boca Chica factory discovered a new building like a kennel with zeus on top.

Cool on SpaceX Starship Factory Buys a Machine Dog

A SpaceX employee at the Boca Chica plant walks around with a Spot robot developed by Boston Dynamics, according to the information.

Boston Dynamics has been developing the robot for several years. Last year, the company began renting out robots to businesses, and yesterday Spot robots were officially sold to the public.

The base version of the Spot robot costs $74,500, plus an increase in detection equipment for $24,750 and a lidar for $18,450. As a result, the cost of an enterprise-class robot could be well over $100,000.

On Boston Dynamics’ website, the company outlines several uses of Spot robots. The most useful for SpaceX are leak detection, thermal detection, noise anomaly detection, human-untouchable reading meters, and 360-degree field image recording.

It’s unclear how SpaceX plans to use The Spot robot. Since the main function of the Boca Chica site is currently to build and test the Starship prototype, the robot’s role is likely to be to assist in achieving these goals, such as equipment pressure leaks and thermal testing of critical components.