Tesla Model Y has been on the road in Europe to test performance such as super-charge

After starting delivery in the U.S. in the first quarter of this year, Tesla last week expanded the delivery of the Model Y, a cross-border sport utility vehicle launched last March, to Canada. According to the latest reports inmedia, Tesla is also planning to deliver the Model Y in more markets, an electric vehicle that has been tested on the road in Europe in preparation for approval.

Tesla Model Y has been on the road in Europe to test performance such as super-charge

Media reports show that The Test of Model Y on the european road began in Germany and then travelled to the Netherlands, where the test edion Also entered a super-charging station before arriving in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg.

The Tesla Model Y was accompanied by a white model S service car with a white exterior and a striking red Tesla logo during testing in Europe. The Tesla Owners Club in the Netherlands has released several photos of the Model Y on the road.

According tomedia reports, the red ModelY tested on European roads is an American-sized electric car, charging interface and other aspects do not match The European standard, in Europe’s super charging station charging, the use of European CCS standards in line with the adapter.

For Tesla, field testing of Model Y on European roads is important and must be approved before it can be delivered to European consumers, and the status of the on-road tests has a significant impact on approval.

It is unclear whether the Model Y, which Tesla will deliver in the European market, will be all produced by a superfactory plant in Berlin, Germany, or whether it will import part of it, partly from the Berlin super factory. Construction has begun at Tesla’s Berlin super plant this year, and model Y, the plant’s planned vehicle, will also be the first electric car to be mass produced by the plant, with the Model Y scheduled to begin delivery in 2021.

However, Tesla’s superplant in Berlin is still under construction, and while the foundations are almost in place, construction of the buildings has not yet begun and production will take some time.