What’s after Death Stranding? Kojima gives clues

“Death Stranding” has been largely a success with both sales and word-of-mouth, and many players are already wondering what the next film is like for Sieofu and kojima Studios. In an interview with the Guardian, he revealed some clues: “I haven’t said anything yet, but it’s definitely something you’ve never seen before.” It’s going to be a game, it’s also a movie… No, I’m still starting to say it!

Currently, you can live stream the radio contest, which many people watch. So what’s next? A creator has only one game, someone plays it, and then the audience may become the new creator. I can’t reveal any more. ”

What's after Death Stranded? Kojima's Sieff releases clues

So it seems that there’s something strange new about the island, and his reference to the concept of “audience-to-creator” sounds like a sound of “Dreams” being produced by Media Molecule, which is hard to say yet.

In addition, Kojima also said he is looking forward to making movies through the island studio, his love of the art form of film has been evident, both in and out of the game can feel that he is a fan, but also a director’s dream of the game designer.

What's after Death Stranded? Kojima's Sieff releases clues

The next work of The island studio, though still a long way off, is at least certain that there is now a conceptual idea, and that it is expected to land next-generation host PS5. What do you expect from the island’s next work, welcome to leave comments to discuss.

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