2021 Acura TLX or will use “baseball gloves” airbags

According tomedia reports, the impact of airbags on car safety and survival in car accidents cannot be ignored. Still, they’re not perfect, and airbags have many opportunities for error in their interactions with people. In response, Acura’s engineers in Ohio decided to improve something, especially for front-row passengers.

The company may use the “baseball glove” solution in its new TLX sports sedan. The plan is surprisingly simple but cool.

“This new Acura TLX is the latest example of our safety engineering team in Ohio pursuing important innovations to advance our goal of a safer and ultimately collision-free society,” Jim Keller, president of Honda Americas Research and Development, said in a statement. We are proud that our engineers analyzed new brain injury studies and then took action to achieve one of the most significant advances in airbag design in decades. Keller’s brain injury study was done by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The best thing about this new airbag is that Acura and its technology partner Autoliv are making the technology available to other manufacturers. It is not clear whether they will look like The Three-Point Seat Belt that Volvo offered for free in the 1960s.