Top 5 Places Most Vulnerable to New Crown Virus Escant By Us Experts

The nation’s most prominent infectious disease expert was asked in recent days whether he would attend President Trump’s upcoming political rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma,media reported. “Personally, I won’t,” dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, replied. One of the reasons he gave the answer was that he was 79 years old, putting him in the demographic camp that is most vulnerable to the new coronavirus.

However, his reaction also reflects the fact that large gatherings are seen as one of the easiest places to spread the virus. In other words, people should now socialize distance and wear masks.

With that in mind, Michigan news site MLive recently decided to collect and interview four public health experts about which activities and environments make people most vulnerable to the new coronavirus. The four experts are Dr. Matthew Sims, Dr. Dennis Cunningham, Dr. Mimi Emig and Dr. Nasir Husain.

The experts weighed five factors when assessing the different environments and settings of the risk of the new coronavirus: whether the activity or scene was indoors or outdoors, how close the relationship between people was, how often people were in contact with others, the likelihood that the person present would follow best practices related to the new coronavirus, and the level of personal risk.

Top 5 Places Most Vulnerable to New Crown Virus Escant By Us Experts


Here are five of the five places these experts list that are most likely to be most susceptible to the new coronavirus at this stage:

Bar – “I might give the bar 10 points,” Sims said of the risks in the bar. The reasons include, by definition, people drinking, so… Let’s put it this way, their minds are not very clear. You can’t wear a mask while drinking, so you lose your protective effect. People are also tightly crowded together and mixed, which are the main risk factors for infection with the new coronavirus. “

Concerts and potentially similar large public gatherings – one of the reasons why concerts are a dangerous environment is that people huddle together. Recent protests across the United States are also suitable for being divided here. One way music people try to solve this problem is to hold a ride-free concert.

Amusement Park – In terms of unsafe conditions, Sims describes such a place as “the most dangerous place you can get.” It is conceivable how difficult it is to spread people around in such a place to strengthen their social distance, and in addition to regularly cleaning up rides, parks need to limit the number of people in the park. Disney, however, plans to reopen its parks in stages starting in July.

Church — singing hymns in a church is one of the factors that increases the risk of illness. “If they add singing, it’s like a bar,” Emig says. “Perhaps, in addition to wearing masks, the church can be dispersed to enough places to encourage social distance. However, there are many examples like this, in which a man exposes 180 people to the new crown virus in a church.

The risks at school are obvious, where a large group of children spend most of the day around each other.