Footprints of ‘bad assies’ reveal the largest beastly dinosaur found in Australia

According tomedia CNET, the tyrannosaur son is not the only large dinosaur that has roamed the earth. New research identifies the largest carnivorous dinosaurs found in Australia through footprints, first discovered nearly 70 years ago in a Queensland coal mine. “We’ve seen the footprints of tyrannosaurs found in North America, and large carnivorous dinosaur footprints found in Africa and South America. The footprint we found was in Oakey(Queensland), which was a bad-ass dinosaur,” University of Queensland palaeontologist Anthony Romilio told ABC News on Wednesday.

“The guys we found were nearly 3 meters (nearly 10 feet) tall, something we haven’t seen in fossilized bone in this country before,” Romilio said. “

Footprints of 'bad assies' reveal the largest beastly dinosaur found in Australia

Instead of studying the bones of the dinosaurs, Romilio and his team identified the animal-footed dinosaurs by using an oversized three-toed footprint about 2.6 feet (80 cm) long found on the stone. Romilio shared his findings in a paper published June 12 in the peer-reviewed journal Historical Biology.

“We estimate that these footprints were made from large carnivorous dinosaurs, some of whom have hips up to 3 meters high and may be about 10 meters long,” Romilio said in a statement Wednesday. “To get to this point, the tyrannosaur’s hips can reach about 3.25 meters and are 12 to 13 metres long, but it didn’t appear until 90 million after our giant dinosaurs in Queensland,” he said. “

Footprints of 'bad assies' reveal the largest beastly dinosaur found in Australia

“At the time, these were probably the largest predatory dinosaurs on Earth, ” he said. Although the original dinosaur footprints were discovered long ago, specimens and archival photographs of these footprints were stored in the Queensland Museum. It was only recently that paleontologists such as Romilio looked closely at the specimens. Using 3D topographic maps of footprints, they better determined that they belonged to Australia’s largest carnivorous dinosaur. It is estimated that the dinosaur lived at the end of the Jurassic period (about 165 million and 151 million years ago).

In addition to the footprints of large animal-footed dinosaurs, the footprints of sword dragons and other small carnivorous dinosaurs were found in the 1950s and 1960s.