2021 Ford F-150’s new lights, technology and seat exposure

According tomedia reports, Ford will invest more in the technology and cockpit functions of the new F-150 in 2021, but the biggest change in the best-selling pickup does not seem to be obvious. The carmaker is understood to be planning to release the new truck on June 25. This is obviously a big deal for Ford. The F-150 remains the best-selling car in the U.S. and a cash cow for the U.S. automaker.

2021 Ford F-150's new lights, technology and seat exposure

Recent modifications have not only replaced the F-150’s body from steel to aluminum, but have also expanded the F-150 to a more commonly associated category of luxury cars.

2021 Ford F-150's new lights, technology and seat exposure

However, the current 13th-generation F-150 looks a bit dated with its rivals, and while its touchscreen, which debuted in 2015, looks good, it’s clearly feeling a little small.

In response, Ford will address this issue with its latest SYNC 4 infotainment system, which supports a 15.5-inch display and built-in 4G LTE WiFi hotspot and application support, as shown in the new Mustang Mach-E electric crossover.

The new electronic structure will be introduced into the 14th generation F-150. The same platform as Mustang Mach-E will be used – FNV-2 (full name Fully Networked Vehicle 2). This means that the different modules that make up the truck can be updated separately through THE OTA.

2021 Ford F-150's new lights, technology and seat exposure

Drivers will find greater comfort in the 2021 F-150. The source told Reuters that it would include a tiled passenger seat comparable to a flexible seat in first class. “You can basically live in a truck, ” said one source, who asked not to be named.

At the same time, Ford is expected not to stray too far from its current generation of trucks, but it is hoped that it will be fresher and bolder. The F150gen14 forum found a new trailer on Ford’s home page that showed a sharper lid angle and a more distinctive light profile.

2021 Ford F-150's new lights, technology and seat exposure

But there is also a big outstanding question about whether the new F-150 will adopt Ford’s newly announced Active Drive Assist system. This is an advanced driver assistance system that combines adaptive cruise control and lane keeping separating highways, operating with a focus monitoring camera.

In addition, Ford disclosed that while the FNV-2 will not be available on mustang Mach-E until the second half of 2021, buyers of the crossover can order vehicles with the reserve kit from the factory from the start. Ford is likely to do a similar thing with the 2021 F-150, which is expected to go into production later in 2020. Ford has promised to launch an all-electric pickup truck within the next two years.