Google launches Keen lab app that challenges Pinterest

Google has just launched an experimental app called Keen, which allows you to organize any topic of interest to users, and now has Android and web versions. A new product developed by Google’s Area 120 division, it was born out of a partnership between People and artificial intelligence research. But users who have used Pinterest will certainly not be unfamiliar with Keen.

Google launches Keen lab app that challenges Pinterest

(from: Google)

“You can make all kinds of thematic content, whether it’s baked delicious bread at home, bird watching, or research layout, and Keen can pick out high-scoring content to share your collection with others and help you discover new content,” Keen co-founder CJ Adams wrote in a blog post.

Google search and machine learning technology are known to provide strong support for Keen’s recommended system. Over time, apps can learn and improve suggestions from projects that users have saved.

Share Your Passion with Keen (via)

In addition to your own curatorial, you can follow other people’s creative passions. In addition, users can make resources private or publicly accessible based on their preferred sharing style.

In the latest move to challenge Pinterest, Google also announced improvements to its collection features in search earlier this year. You can use these to find more while helping find search history.