Another clash: Trump’s new tweets are marked as ‘manipulated media content’

A video posted on Twitter by President Trump has been branded “manipulated media” by the social media company,media reported. The hashtag no doubt represents a further escalation of the conflict between the President of the United States and Twitter, which is known as social media.

Another clash: Trump's new tweets are marked as 'manipulated media content'

In response, Twitter spokeswoman Katie Rosborough told the media that the tweet was marked in accordance with its synthetic and manipulative media policy to provide more information to other users.

Trump posted a video clip of two children issuing strange warnings about racial discrimination in the media and being tagged by CNN. But in fact, the footage has never been aired on CNN, so this may provide a basis for media manipulation of labels.

The video is understood to have been produced by the prolific internet fan maker and Trump supporter Carpe Donktum, but his account was blocked by Twitter last October.

In fact, the hashtag under Trump’s video is just an icon linked to Twitter’s manipulation of media policy. It’s easy to ignore and doesn’t create any meaningful obstacles to watching videos. Still, the hashtag represents another escalation of Twitter’s conflict with the president.