Blossoming, Tesla opens nine more super-charging stations in Beijing.

Tesla recently opened nine new super-charging stations in Beijing. These 9 super charging stations are located in Longhu ChangyuTian Street, Beijing Jindi Center, Asian Financial Building, Xidan Juntai Department Store, Beijing Laifus, Shunyi Tianbo Center, Dream Show Happy Plaza, Daxing Longhu Tian Street, Fangshan Longhu Tian Street, a total of 78 super charging piles.

Blossoming, Tesla opens nine more super-charging stations in Beijing.

The new super charging station, in addition to further improve the city’s core business circle, office coverage density, while increasing the Shunyi, Housing Hill, Daxing and other low-density residential areas of the site coverage.

In 2020, Tesla’s charging network in Beijing will continue to accelerate. As of June 18, Tesla has launched 282 super-charge piles and 106 destination charging piles in Beijing this year.

Tesla hopes that by constantly improving its charging network, users can choose different charging methods and improve their charging efficiency and experience based on different travel scenarios.

Because Tesla’s charging network is all on popular lines, Tesla users don’t necessarily need to charge more than 80 percent of their batteries. The vehicle prompts automatically when the current charge is sufficient to travel to the next charging station. Based on Tesla’s better charging network, it can support Beijing users to complete the ultra-long-distance self-driving in Harbin, Shanghai, Sanya and other places.

Blossoming, Tesla opens nine more super-charging stations in Beijing.

Tesla has built 2,500 super-charged piles and 2,400 destination charging piles in Chinese mainland, and that number is growing. By 2020, Tesla plans to lay out 4,000-plus super-charged piles in China, twice the total of construction in the past five years.

Thanks to Beijing’s support for new energy vehicles, Tesla’s user capacity has expanded rapidly and demand for charging services has grown. The nine-stop start is just the beginning, and in the second half of 2020, Tesla will maintain the frequency of new stationlandings every month, creating a more efficient charging system for Users in Beijing.