Two years apart: Arcade legend Billy Mitchell regains Guinness World Record

On Thursday, two years after the Guinness World Records for “Big King Kong” and “The Bean Eater” were stripped, arcade legend Billy Mitchell regained those titles,media reported. Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday said the decision was made after reviewing existing evidence and eyewitness accounts from new sources, as well as new expert game analysis and hardware validation.

Two years apart: Arcade legend Billy Mitchell regains Guinness World Record

“At the end of the day, we found that there was not enough evidence to support disqualification,” Glenday said. In the end, the archive management team decided to reverse the previous decision and restore all the records recorded by Mr. Mitchell for “The Bean Eater” and “The Great King Kong.” “

“Unfortunately, in 2018, I’m the subject of false accusations,” Mitchell said in a video responding to the decision. But I haven’t shaken for long. “

The controversy over Mitchell’s score began in 2018 when a member of the Twin Galaxy Sports Game Community filed a lawsuit against him, alleging that he did not use the arcade cabinet in accordance with the rules. Twin Galaxy voted unanimously to remove All Billy Mitchell’s scores from the leaderboard on the grounds of months of research.

Later, Twin Galaxy submitted their findings to Guinness, which in April of the same year cancelled Mitchell’s “Big King Kong” and “Bean Eater” world records. Now, those records have been restored, but Twin Galaxy has yet to include Mitchell’s record in its list.

Walter Day, founder of Twin Galaxy, said he gave testimony to Guinness researchers and expressed support for today’s decision.