Byte Dance has Australian office, former Google executive as General Manager of TikTok Australia

On the afternoon of June 19, Adnews reported that Byte Dance had set up its first Australian office, with former Google executive Lee Hunter as TikTok Australia’s general manager. Joining Mr Hunt is brett Brett Armstrong, a former Google executive who will become managing director of TikTok Australia’s Global Commercial Solutions (GBS).

Byte Dance has Australian office, former Google executive as General Manager of TikTok Australia

TikTok Australia managing director Lee Hunter

Mr Hunt has worked at Google for more than a decade as head of youTube’s global brand and as CEO of an ASX-listed technology company. He will lead a team of TikTok experts in Sydney, focusing on monitoring security policies and resource implementation, while actively promoting business development, expanding partnerships and enhancing local product experiences.

Mr Armstrong previously served as Google’s Regional Manager for New Zealand and as head of media agency AUNZ. He will be responsible for TikTok’s business, focusing on brand collaboration, customer solutions, corporate marketing and sales operations.

“I’m encouraged to see the unique ideas that Australian users are showing on TikTok, especially at this difficult time. “It brings Australia together when people need TikTok most often.” It allows people to find ways to entertain at home, share their feelings, and communicate their thoughts and messages. I’m delighted to see a lot of positive, diverse and innovative content coming out of TikTok, and I’m proud to lead a growing local team that builds a great online community for Australian users, creators and partners. “

Over the past 18 months, TikTok has expanded into a global presence, recruiting general managers in the US, UK, India, Japan and Canada, in line with the global strategy of its parent company, ByteDance. Kevin Mayer, a former Disney executive, was officially appointed by ByteDance COO and TikTok Global CEO on June 1st, while in the first five months of 2020, Byte Dance has six executives from international internet giants such as Facebook and Google.