AMD’s new APU nuclear exposure: Tiger Lake Xe and MX350 may be a fierce rival

@KOMACHI_ENSAKA just revealed on Twitter the upcoming AMD’s new entry-level APU processor, speculating that it might integrate a Little Navi core based on the RNDA2 architecture. If the explosion is anything to go by, the legendary Van Gogh Lite GFX 1040 GPU, or the Intel Tiger Lake Xe and Nvitt GeForce MX350, are putting a lot of competitive pressure on them.

AMD's new APU nuclear exposure: Tiger Lake Xe and MX350 may be a fierce rival

Infographic (from: AMD, via NotebookCheck)

It is reported that the explosive person was found in the AMD driver code on Linux “Van Gogh Lite” GFX 1040 nuclear appearance.

There is widespread speculation that AMD will introduce a Navi RDNA nucleopoint next year, with GPU performance expected to improve significantly.

However, @KOMACHI_ENSAKA believes that “Van Gogh Lite” refers to an entry-level product in AMD’s new APU family.

Because from the Linux driver code, the GFX 1033 core display is integrated with the standard “Van Gogh” APU, while the “Van Gogh Lite” is integrated with the GFX 1040 GPU.

An earlier leak suggested that the GFX10 Series device ID referred to Navi kernels because the Navi 10 GPU code used in the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT was GFX 1010.

On the other hand, other GPUs with Vega nucleation, such as the Renoir Series, use the GPU code GFX 909, while the Ryzen 4000 Series APU is equipped with an RX Vega GPU.

We don’t know much about Van Gogh’s GPU specifications today, and Van Gogh Lite has less exposure.

But the relationship between the previous generation of APU device IDs is self-evident when compared. For example, larger numbers (GFX 1040 instead of GFX 1033) may be related to smaller GPUs.

GFX 1020 or second-generation RDNA2 Big Navi, while GFX 1033 (standard Van Gogh GPU) is Little Navi – positioned as a successor to the AMD Radeon RX 5300M single-use Navi 14 chip.

Intel’s upcoming Tiger Lake Xe and Nvitt GeForce MX350 could face strong competitors if the revelations are anything to go by.

Whether Van Gogh Lite is an as-yet-undisclosed Navi mobile GPU will not be known until the Van Gogh family debuts as early as next year, unless AMD offers to share more details in the coming months.