How many people do you need to colonize Mars? Expert: 110 people can be self-sufficient

On June 19th researchers at the Bordeaux Institute of General Technology said it would be enough for 110 people to build a new civilization on Mars,media reported. Professor Professor Jean-Marc, of the Bordeaux Institute of Integrated Technology, said: “How feasible is it to survive and self-sustain on another planet? This issue is important for the future conquest of outer space and for mankind as a whole.

If we want to survive on Mars, the first condition is that we have to live in an oxygen-rich environment, and that agriculture and industry ratios must be built. A minimum population is needed to help make tools and goods before supply runs out. “

The researchers developed a mathematical model based on Mars that could be used to determine the minimum number of settlers and the way of life they live. It is based on a comparison of the time required to achieve long-term survival by various human activities and the time available to settlers.

The model has an important variable parameter that reduces the time each person needs if an activity must be done by more than one person.

In addition, a number of assumptions have been made about the organization and engineering of settlers. For example, whether settlers can produce enough goods and tools before existing supplies run out, and whether they can be self-sufficient if the earth cuts off supplies.

The final calculation of the minimum settler stake was 110. This is achieved in the context of meeting the basic living environment of human beings and controlling agriculture and industry and how to share and organize resources.

How many people do you need to colonize Mars? Expert: 110 people can be self-sufficient