Las Vegas casino sending customers to wear masks as new crowns soar after reopening

Las Vegas’s betting regulator is planning to enforce the guidelines for wearing masks more forcefully as the city’s number of new crowns has increased dramatically in the past two weeks,media BGR reported. Although Las Vegas was largely an empty city throughout the blockade, the gambling and entertainment paradise reopened at the end of May, and soon a flood of tourists poured into the casino. And while casinos have implemented some security precautions, the surge in new crowns suggests more needs to be done.

Las Vegas casino sending customers to wear masks as new crowns soar after reopening

From Friday local time, punters at tables without plexiglass partitions will be required to wear masks at all times. The Nevada Gaming Control Board added that the rule applies not only to players, but even to spectators who happen to be within 6 feet of the table. So far, the casino has focused only on maintaining social distance guidelines and disinfecting cards and dice. With the new rules, casinos will now be required to provide free masks to guests when they enter the casino floor.

Las Vegas KNTV added:

Health officials have linked the state’s surge in cases to Nevada’s second phase, about two-and-a-half weeks before it reopened.

They say that as gyms, bars and other businesses can reopen – coupled with Anniversary Weekend parties and mass protests – they see maintaining social distance and other pandemic prevention practices disappear.

But there is no sign that Nevada officials are preparing to close again in the near future.

Nevada, meanwhile, isn’t the only state to experience an increase in new-crown confirmed cases. For now, about 20 U.S. states are experiencing a surge in the number of new crown-confirmed cases. What’s more, some states, such as Florida and Arizona, reported record numbers of confirmed cases on a daily basis. Arizona, for example, had nearly 3,250 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday. Meanwhile, the number of new cases in Florida jumped to 3,820.