Google introduces shortcut to make quick video calls

As early as last year, Google introduced a new “.new” link to allow users to create new blank documents on the web. This week, Gmail’s messaging service also welcomed the integration of new Google Meet features. As part of the G Suite Productivity Suite, a similar “” shortcut makes it easy for users to make a quick video call, the effect of clicking the Start meeting button on the Home page, or on the Gmail sidebar.

Google introduces shortcut to make quick video calls

After the jump, the user is taken to the “meeting ready” screen, where a URL for copying and sharing is given.

On the left, there is a audio and video preview where users can click “Join Now” or “Show” and see which account they are signed in to in the upper right corner.

In addition, also supports the addition of one or two other Google accounts to make calls, in addition to G Suite enterprise customers, ordinary consumers are now available.

Finally, Google offers shortcuts to new files (,, and,, and