Unprecedented production scale! Netflix’s live-action version of “King of the SeaTh” opens in Cape Town, South Africa, On September 1

June 20, according tomedia reports, by Netflix, created by the “King of the Sea” live-action series will be filmed on September 1 in Cape Town, South Africa, until February 8 next year. Notably, producer Marty Adelstein revealed last month that it expects filming to open in Cape Town by September at the latest, with a ten-episode script for the live-action “King of the SeaTh” completed and will begin selection work in June.

When it comes to production, Marty Adelstein is more confident that it will be huger than Snowcountry Trains.

It is reported that the series version of “King of the Sea Thieves” will be created by Netflix and the “Prison Break” “Snowcountry Train” tomorrow studio, adapted from the Japanese cartoonist Yukio Okada, told the inspirational “King of the Sea Thieves” of the blood-thirsty young lufei, in the way on the way to a series of interesting and thrilling stories.

This is also the first remake of “King of the Sea Thieves” live version, as early as 2017 revealed to be real-life news, the original author Yuichi Oeda revealed that he had already decided to shoot the “King of the Sea Thieves” live version, but also met a very good partner, said the premise of the reality will never betray the support of the sea thief 20 years of fans.