Exposed 5nm Kirin processor will be delivered by September Huawei Mate 40 as scheduled

As a rule, each of Huawei’s new Kirin processors will be released in the fall, with the Mate series. Recently,media reported that the ban, Huawei Mate40 production time is later than originally planned, but the latest news that Huawei needs processors will be delivered by mid-September, mate40 will be launched as scheduled.

Exposed 5nm Kirin processor will be delivered by September Huawei Mate 40 as scheduled

According to the mobile phone chip data, Huawei by the end of the year needs the number of Kirin processor chips, whether 5nm, 7nm mobile phone chips or 16nm, 28nm such as Heise’s self-researcht TWS headset Bluetooth chip, will be delivered by mid-September, Huawei products in the second half of the delivery problem is not big, recently Huawei to delay the production of the flagship Mate40 phone reported, basically false.

In addition, the blogger said, “Although the United States imposed further sanctions on China in May, I guarantee that Huawei will release the 5nm process Kirin processor’s Mate 40 phone as scheduled in October.” About 8 million Mate 40 phones are available in the fourth quarter. “

Based on previous revelations, the Mate 40 Series will feature a 5nm Kirin processor that will naturally iterate into the Cortex A77 or A78 CPU architecture and The Mali G77/G78 GPU architecture, which will also provide a powerful guarantee for a 120Hz high-screen experience.

Earlier, foreign whistleblower RODENT950 has revealed that Huawei’s next generation of flagship chip named Kirin 1000 (one said Kirin 1020).

It is reported that the Kirin 1000 development code-named “Baltimore”, because Kirin 990 5G is the Cortex A76 architecture, so Kirin 1000 may use the Cortex A77/A78 architecture, Mali G77/G78 GPU architecture, CPU and GPU performance will be greatly improved.