Intel demonstrates 12VO power standard: 10PIN design, standby power consumption reduced by 27%

Desktop standby energy consumption is higher than expected – usually in the range of a dozen watts to tens of watts, take a 30 watt value example, if standby lasts a year, will consume 259.2 degrees of electricity! Counting the hundreds of millions of desktops on The planet, you know how much energy waste scans that standby can cause. And the standby power consumption is too large, resulting in the main cause of power waste is: the power structure is complex, standby operation in the inefficient interval. Today, Intel’s official tweeted a new “12VO power standard” that addresses the disadvantages of low efficiency and power consumption in traditional power standby, with simpler structures and easier wires.

Intel demonstrates 12VO power standard: 10PIN design, standby power consumption reduced by 27%

Intel Client Computing Division Platform Power Specialist Stephen Eastman holds at-12VO motherboard

Intel ATX12VO changes in two main points compared to conventional power supplies:

One is to simplify the power design, since “three monks have no water to drink”, then cut two. Directly remove the 3.3V and 5V conversion circuits and output only 12V of direct current, which is the origin of the “12V Only” name. “A monk who can pick water in particular” has a surprisingly good effect.

The second is “the big move, inefficient and efficient.” When the power supply is simplified, the 3.3V and 5V power supplies are handed over to the motherboard. Unlike the power supply, the motherboard is a “second pass”, receiving 12V DC power provided by the power supply, the implementation of the “DC-DC” between the conversion, compared to the relatively low power efficiency of the “AC-DC” conversion, this form of conversion circuit efficiency is relatively high, waste greatly reduced.

The first ATX12VO-enabled motherboard has been created, from ASRock, the Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR, for the 10th generation Core desktop processor. Intel says the ATX12VO can reduce standby energy consumption by up to 27 percent compared to a motherboard similar to a traditional ATX power supply.

The ATX12VO features a 10PIN design with more than half of the cables, meaning the cable line can be more flexible, improving the space in the chassis and making DIY more fun.