Google’s former ad chief is building an ad-free search engine

Sridhar Ramaswamy became Google’s senior vice president of advertising and commerce in 2013, according tomedia reports. He has led the $115 billion branch for five years, and the agency is responsible for advertising through AdSense on search, YouTube and websites. But fed up with Google’s windfall and conflicts of interest between customers and advertisers, Ramaswamy chose to leave Google and create his own search engine.

YouTube works very simply by making a profit. Videos that receive views, likes, and comments are considered successful and will be promoted. At the same time, ads play before them. Google’s revenue is automatic. Safety and security is a later problem — when it comes to it, YouTube adds countermeasures such as blocking video comments. Ramaswamy argues that this is a way of putting profits ahead of users’ foreseeing results.

Google's former ad chief is building an ad-free search engine

To that end, Ramaswamy and another former Google employee, Vivek Raghunathan, founded a company called Neeva. They’re building a search engine that doesn’t serve ads to users at all. However, the app’s search results are provided by Bing and use Apple Maps to provide navigation. It was an aesthetic and philosophical upgrade. The challenge for them is that their aesthetic and philosophical upgrades require a subscription fee.

“Finding information that is important to us – weather, work, exercise, strange headache symptoms – is a basic, deep personal need,” Ramaswamy wrote on his blog. “