Google seeks Microsoft’s help to improve The Flutter app on Windows 10

According tomedia, Flutter is google’s cross-platform user interface (UI) framework that promises to provide developers with a way to build UIs for local Android and iOS apps, web apps, and desktops through a single code base. Google said last year that half a million developers were using the Flutter tool suite — an open source language and one of the fastest growing on Github.

Google seeks Microsoft's help to improve The Flutter app on Windows 10

About 50,000 Flutter apps have been posted on the Play Store, according to Google.

In May 2019, Google confirmed that the Flutter SDK is moving beyond the single framework of mobile devices to the desktop and web. Now, Google’s team outlines how they are steadily increasing support for using Flutter to develop apps on Windows.

While the Flutter app for Windows 10 is still in the technical preview stage, the project is now taking shape on the desktop, especially with support for Win32 and UWP applications.

The company plans to make its new framework more viable in creating applications on the desktop. For example, the desktop client,”‘s Flutter now includes better support for the mouse and keyboard, the introduction of a navigation widget, and support for display density.

Google will allow developers to use Flutter to create apps that have access to local features of the operating system, meaning that apps will be able to do almost anything traditional apps can do on Windows. In addition, these improvements will help Flutter better support Win32 and UWP applications.

At the same time, Tim Sneath, Google’s product manager, says his team is looking to work closely with Microsoft to get the job done better. “We’ve been working informally with a variety of contributors, exploring different solutions, and are happy to support working closely with Microsoft to build high-quality solutions,” says Sneath. “

UI Flutter will support Win32 and UWP applications through an “embedder”, which refers to a small host container that is embedded in it. The embedder will collaborate with Windows 10 to render surfaces and OS integration with applications that use Fultter.

Google seeks Microsoft's help to improve The Flutter app on Windows 10

Microsoft has yet to comment on Google’s public invitation to Microsoft to work with all Windows and Surface products. Notably, Microsoft has shown support for Flutter on its dual-screen phones, which will allow developers to create and support their Flutter apps on Surface Duo.

Now, The Web for desktop — Mac, Windows, and Linux — is still in the technology preview phase for developers, which means the tool is still unstable.