Nextdoor decides to stop Forward to Police project

Nextdoor, the community social networking app, said it would stop using the Forward to Police feature, Bloomberg CityLab reported. It is reported that the feature allows users to send messages directly to the local police. The site has received increasing attention in how to handle communications with law enforcement and how to deal with racism among members of its app.

Nextdoor decides to stop Forward to Police project

“As part of our anti-racism efforts, we strive to make Nextdoor a place where all our neighbors feel welcome, and we have been reviewing all aspects of our products,” the company wrote in a blog post. “

Black Nextdoor users told The Verge that posts posted on the app often made them feel unsafe, while volunteer moderators silenced posts about the Black Lives Matter protest. Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar said in a June 11 blog post titled “A Nextdoor Where Everyone Belongs” that the company is taking steps to increase diversity. “Racism has no place in Nextdoor,” Fryer wrote. “

The company also emailed its community leaders earlier this month, specifically instructing them to allow discussion of the importance of Black Lives Matter. “It needs to be clear that important conversations about racial inequality and Black Lives Matter can take place at Nextdoor,” the email read. At the same time, it is essential that all dialogue remain civilized, no matter what the topic is. “

Nextdoor is understood to retain other features that allow communication with police stations through the app.