Google will also take steps to reduce Chrome’s memory usage in Win10 after Edge

According tomedia reports, many users complain about browser memory usage problems, as browsers become more powerful, the problem is becoming more and more serious, the software base and websites are becoming more and more powerful accordingly. However, Microsoft Edge technology can help users reduce memory usage on Windows by up to 27%, and Google Chrome has started using the technology.

Google will also take steps to reduce Chrome's memory usage in Win10 after Edge

Kim Denny, Edge’s principal product manager, said this week that Microsoft’s Edge team added memory improvements to the Windows 10 upgrade in May.

Bruce Dawson, a Google Chrome programmer, also added a patch to his company’s browser to allow Chrome to take advantage of the same underlying technology. Mr Dawson said Chrome’s memory use would also decline, but Google would have to address the issue before a new version appeared on a user’s laptop.

Memory is a critical and scarce resource for all computing devices, and any successful memory cutting is very important. As browsers move from displaying documents to becoming an increasingly powerful foundation for applications, their memory usage is growing. Today’s web applications often rely on pre-built frameworks that make software easier to build but also devour memory.

Chrome and Edge are becoming close relatives as Microsoft decides to abandon its browser base in favor of Google’s open source Chromium software. Microsoft released the revamped Edge in January, but it is still testing it before it is rolled out to everyone through The Windows Update service.

Microsoft’s contribution to Chromium is enormous, with more than 3,000 contributors contributing to the Chromium code base to date. Google also mentioned Microsoft’s contribution. But the relationship is not all about peers.

Google will show Edge users ads for properties such as search, Gmail and Google Docs, saying they should switch to Chrome. Microsoft will also tell Outlook users that they should switch from Chrome to Edge.