AMD: Reyon Threadripper processor with no 16-core 32-threaded

With the official launch of the Ryzen 9 3950X processor and the Ryzen Threadripper 3960X/3970X processor last week, AMD’s layout in the high-end CPU market is more complete, already covering the 16-core, 24-core and 32-core markets, of course, 48-core, 64-core processors are no secret, but it’s not too late.

Although the name of the Ryalong 3000 series is in line with the Rylong TR 3000 series, but the two are not actually a platform, Rylong 9 3950X and below are AM4 platform, support dual-channel memory, while Ryalong TR 3960X and above is the TR40 platform, support ingres series of four-channel memory.

AMD: Reyon Threadripper processor with no 16-core 32-threaded

So in the four-channel platform’s Ryzen TR processor, will there no longer be a 16-core 32-threaded processor? In an interview, Rober Hallock, AMD’s senior director of technology markets, denied this, saying there would be no more 16-core processors on the TR40 platform, meaning the start was 24 cores, a gap with the AM4 platform.

What’s the point of this question? Don’t forget the first-generation Ryzen TR processor, which has an 8-core 16-threaded Ryeron 7 1800X in 2017, AMD also introduced the 8-core 16-threaded Ryzen TR 1900X on the Ryzen TR for $549.

Although this shows that the cost of the Ryalong TR platform is reduced, but don’t forget that the X399 platform motherboard is generally very expensive, can go to the platform of the players, obviously will not buy 8 core Ryzen TR, and others have more affordable Ryzen 7 optional, how do not choose this strange product.

Such mistakes are not only made by AMD, Intel also has a very failed experience, don’t forget that in 2017 Intel also introduced the Core i7-7740X, such as a 4-core 8-threaded processor, support ingress with the HEDT-style LGA2066 platform, the next day need not say much.

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