The Simpsons gag is killed by an aspect ratio of 16:9

The Simpsons gag is killed by an aspect ratio of 16:9

Disney+, which was immediately revealed to have earned more than 10 million paid members on the first day of the service, shows not only Disney’s work, but also a number of titles such as Marvel and Star Wars series. Some of the American anime shows include The Simpsons, the longest-lived, but it has been pointed out that “The Simpsons has been killed by the song being broadcast on Disney+.”  The Simpsons is the longest-lived American anime program that started in 1989, so unlike recent TV shows, the aspect ratio is “4:3” instead of “16:9”. THE SIMPSONS Disney+ Official Trailer (2019) – For YouTube Disney-initiated streaming service Disney+, all of The Simpsons’ last 30 seasons have been delivered at 16:9 aspect ratio, and episodes created in the past 4:3 have screens trimmed. Of course, Disney+ doesn’t have the option to change the aspect ratio of the video you want to play. As a result, episodes of the past 20 seasons of The Simpsons are losing a lot of gags due to changes in aspect ratio.

Tristan Cooper explained on Twitter what exactly it means: “In the old episode of The Simpsons on Disney+, the following are ‘Duff’, ‘Duff Wright’, and ‘Duff Dry’. it is to be missed by trimming to a widescreen format of 16:9 that is all supplied from the same tube.”

All the classic Simpsons episodes on Disney+ are in cropped widescreen format — this means you miss out on tons of great visual jokes, like how Duff, Duff Lite and Duff Dry all come from the same tube.

— Tristan Cooper (@TristanACooper)

This is the image of the original version of the aspect ratio 4:3. You can see that duff, duff light, and duff dry are supplied from the same tube.

The Simpsons gag is killed by an aspect ratio of 16:9

However, it is clear that the tip of the tube is not cropped in the 16:9 aspect ratio video distributed by Disney+, and the joke is not made up.

The Simpsons gag is killed by an aspect ratio of 16:9

The Simpsons have encountered similar problems in the past. When I wanted to deliver the initial episode of The Simpsons at FOX FX Networks in 2015, it was pointed out that the gag was killed because the aspect ratio was changed to 16:9, and FX Networks finally added the option to play the aspect ratio at 4:3. Fans and critics of The Simpsons believed that because of the FX Networks case, Disney+ had the option to change aspect ratios from the start. However, this was not the case, which resulted in many complaints about Disney. Some Twitter users complain that “Disney+ has degenerated from the FX Networks app” and that there is no option to change the aspect ratio.

Going to register my first Disney+ concern at 6:13 am. You can’t choose an aspect ratio for the SIMPSONS nor can you listen to the audio commentaries, making it a step down from The old, now-defunct FX app. Why Give Fans Less Than They Were Alread?

— Keith Phipps (@kphipps3000)

In response to these criticisms, Disney has issued a public statement, saying, “To ensure visual quality and consistency in all episodes of the last 30 seasons, we offer The Simpsons with an aspect ratio of 16:9 at the start of service. Over time, however, Disney+ will expand its new features and additional display options. As part of that, in early 2020 we plan to be able to watch some episodes of The Simpsons’ first 19 seasons and Season 20 at Disney+ with the same aspect ratio 4:3 as the original version.” You plan to add an aspect ratio change option.

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