Halo: Reach PC edition premiere: up to 60fps

At Microsoft’s X019 conference, the PC version of Halo: Reach confirmed that it will be developed soon, will land on the PC on December 3rd, can be purchased separately, and is also included in “Halo: The Master Chief Collection”. While Studio 343 is now more confident, they acknowledge that the PC version will lack specific features at the beginning.

Halo: To the Far Star PC edition premiere sq.e. up to 60fps

Postums, the 343 Studio Community Manager, describes the current state of the game, first pointing out current problems, future plans, and players’ concerns. Among them, the player is more concerned about the “Halo: Reach” PC basic functions. 343 admits that the game currently locks in the frame limit of 60fps, but does not know if there will be any changes. “We have a solution to meet quality requirements, and we’ll test for the player base before we do a wider release.” ”

In addition to the upper frame limit of 60fps, PC issues may also include recoded audio issues. There also seems to be an input delay when key rat manipulation. Studio 343 said it was testing some fixes for a promotion before the official launch and would continue to update the game after it was released if necessary. Finally, there are people who have discovered the problem of vertical synchronization.

In addition, the PC version of Halo: Reach will provide auxiliary aiming for the handle, Studio 343 is “investigating the best way to process input types”, and the PC version of the handle-assisted aiming decision will not change, in order to enable cross-platform interconnection between Xbox and PC. 343 The top priority is to create a healthy matching group of players.

Halo: To the Far Star PC edition premiere sq.e. up to 60fps

While the PC version of Halo: Reach may have a few flaws, as a nearly 10-year-old game, transplanting a PC does have many technical challenges and hopefully will eventually live up to expectations.

Halo: Reach will land on the PC platform on December 3.

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