Italian doctor says new coronavirus is weakening and could disappear on its own

The number of new crown confirmed cases around the world continues to soar, but a doctor from Italy has said publicly that the virus is weaker than ever,media BGR reported. Another infectious disease expert from Italy made a similar comment. The doctor said the new crown virus was changing from “tiger to cat” and that the toxicity was diminishing. The doctor even claimed that without a vaccine, the virus could disappear on its own. Of course, many experts disagree, as the world is getting closer to reaching more than 200,000 new new crowns in a single day.

Italian doctor says new coronavirus is weakening and could disappear on its own

Professor Matteo Bassetti is the dean of the San Martino Hospital in Italy. He told the Sunday Telegraph that the effectiveness of COVID-19 appeared to have diminished over the past month and that patients who were previously in critical condition were now recovering. “My clinical impression is that the severity of the virus is changing,” he said. “In March and early April, the pattern was completely different. People come to the emergency department with very unmanageable diseases, they need oxygen and ventilation, and some develop pneumonia. “

“Now, in the last four weeks, things have changed completely. He added. “It may be that the viral load in the respiratory tract has decreased, it may be due to a genetic mutation of the virus that has not been scientifically proven. In addition, we now have a better understanding of the disease and can manage it. “

“In March and April, the virus was like a ferocious tiger, but now it’s like a wild cat. Even elderly patients in their 80s and 90s can now sit up and breathe without help. The doctor added. “Previously, such a patient would have died two or three days ago. “

The doctor did bring good news. This suggests that some therapies are effective in saving lives, and we have seen a large number of studies that offer new COVID-19 treatments that are effective in early trials. But Bassetti’s approach gives the impression that the virus is less dangerous than before, and may make those who no longer believe the risk of the disease less dependent on preventive measures.

The doctor added: “I think the virus has mutated because our immune system is responding to the virus, and we’re now having a low viral load because of blocking, wearing masks, keeping social distance.” The doctor also confirmed: “We have to prove why it’s different now.” “

Bassetti’s most surprising comments, however, relate to vaccines, because he believes the virus could disappear without it. “Yes, it may disappear completely without a vaccine. Fewer people are infected, which could eventually lead to the death of the virus. “

This seems to be another baseless assumption, especially when the facts seem to contradict him. Others disagree that the virus will be so easily eliminated.

“I don’t think it’s going to die so fast,” says Bharat Pankhania, a professor at the University of Exeter’s school of medicine in the UK. If we have a successful vaccine, then we can deal with it like we do it against smallpox. But because of its infectiousness and widespreadnature, it will not disappear for a long time. “

Dr. Anthony Fauci, america’s top infectious disease expert, said recently that he doesn’t think the virus will disappear any time soon. The World Health Organization has also warned that the new coronavirus may never go away. WHO said a few months ago that the new coronavirus was neither less contagious nor more deadly than before. These comments are in response to different statements from Italy. Alberto Zangrillo, an Italian doctor, suggested three weeks ago that the virus “no longer exists in Italy” and said the load on the cotton swabs was lower than before. At the time, Italy had an average of 300 new confirmed cases per day. Italy is still reporting between 200 and 300 new cases per day.