New research says as many as 8.7 million people may be infected in the U.S. in March, more than 80 percent of them go undiagnosed.

According tomedia reports, the latest outbreak of new crowns shows that more people are infected with the virus than ever before, just as some countries, including the United States, are beginning to ease the blockade. In the past few days, a surge in CONFIRMed CASES of COVID-19 in several U.S. states has begun to reopen, reaching a new record for new crowns in a single day. Although fewer than 2.4 million new confirmed cases were officially reported in the U.S. by the time of writing, a new study suggests that as many as 8.7 million Americans may have been infected in March alone. More than 80% of people have never been diagnosed.

New research says as many as 8.7 million people may be infected in the U.S. in March, more than 80 percent of them go undiagnosed.

Numerous reports provide evidence that the virus reached Europe and the United States long before the first people were diagnosed. Some patients in countries such as France, Italy and the United States may have contracted COVID-19 as early as the end of 2019. Analysis of wastewater samples by researchers suggests that the new coronavirus may have spread in northern Italy in December. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed a few weeks ago that community transmission in the U.S. could begin as early as January. The first new crown death in the United States occurred in early February, weeks earlier than previousestimated.

A team of researchers from Pennsylvania State University, Montana State University and Cornell University now says the virus is spreading rapidly in March, but most people go to the doctor for flu-like illnesses. Due to a lack of testing, hospitals are unable to confirm infections while the Trump administration is still downplaying the risk of the disease.

The researchers say the findings support a situation where more than 8.7 million SARS-CoV-2 infections occurred in the U.S. in March, and estimate that more than 80 percent of those cases remain unconfirmed as the outbreak spreads rapidly. Only about 100,000 cases were officially confirmed in March, CNN reported. Mr. Trump didn’t even declare a state of emergency until March 13.

The researchers used flu-related disease data collected by the CDC from states. “We found a significant increase in influenza-like (ILI) outpatients during the COVID-19 outbreak, which is associated with the progression of the outbreak in several States in the United States,” Justin Silverman and colleagues wrote. “The surge in non-flu ILI outpatients is much larger than the number of confirmed cases in each state, providing a large number of evidence that symptomatic COVID-19 cases remain undetected. “

They added: “The U.S. ILI surge appears to have peaked in the week beginning March 15, followed by a decline in iLI in many states in the week that followed; “

In addition to the flu data, the researchers used mathematical models that took into account details such as a state’s population, annual influenza pandemic statistics, and actual data from coronavirus detection. They also took into account the fact that once it became clear that the United States itself was responding to a large-scale COVID-19 outbreak, some people began to avoid going to the hospital.

“If one-third of sars-CoV-2 infections in the United States seek treatment, this iLI surge will correspond to more than 8.7 million new SARS-CoV-2 infections in the U.S. for the three weeks from March 8 to March 28, 2020,” the researchers wrote. It is worth noting that this is only an estimate of the researchers, not the actual number.

As of the time of writing, there were more than 9.18 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide and more than 474,000 deaths. Among them, there were more than 2.34 million confirmed cases and more than 121,000 deaths in the United States.