Maximize battery life: iOS 14 introduces “optimized battery charging” to AirPods

Apple’s iOS 14 adds an Optimized Battery Charging feature to the AirPods to protect the airPods from maximizing battery life,media reported. The new AirPods charging feature allows The AirPods to learn their daily charging habits and stop stopping continuous charging after the device is filled with 80% of the amount of power the user needs on weekdays.

For example, this new feature charges the AirPods to 80% while the user sleeps, but fills the remaining 20% about an hour before the user wakes up.

Apple has used similar battery health optimization systems for iPhones and macs to extend the total battery life of these devices. Avoiding continuous charging of a lithium-ion battery while it is on a charger reduces the amount of time the device spends at maximum capacity, which will better protect the battery’s health over a long period of time. It is reported that the iPhone iOS 13 has joined the Optimized Battery Charging, macOS Catalina 10.15.5 has introduced a similar Battery Health Management feature.