“Chicken Run” sequel confirmed: next year on Netflix

According tomedia reports, the success of the success of “Chicken Run” 20 years later finally have a sequel. The sequel will be produced by original animation company Aardman Animations and will air on Netflix in 2021. “On the company’s 20th anniversary, we’re excited to announce that we’ve found the perfect story,” says Peter Lord, Aardman’s founder and creative director. “

“Chicken Run”, released in 2000, tells the story of two chickens named Ginger and Rocky who plan to flee Tweedy Farm, where they are destined to be made into chicken pies. Directed by Aardman founders Peter Lord and Nick Park, the film is by far the highest-grossing animated film. The film grossed more than $225 million worldwide and was voiced by Julia Sawara, Mel Gibson, Miranda Richardson, Timothy Speight and Imelda Staunton.

In the sequel, Ginger and Rocky and their flocks happily live in a peaceful island sanctuary. However, when their daughter Molly was born, they found the chicken in trouble again on the mainland.

Lord will continue as executive producer of Chick-fil-A 2, while Park, who has written Super Invincibles and Shaun the Sheep, will take on advisory roles.