More efficient: Gilead plans to launch Redseweer sprayer trial

According tomedia reports, Redsivir has been shown to be one of two drugs effective with the new coronavirus, the other being dexamethasone. However, both methods are targeted at specific types of patients with new coronary pneumonia: in severe cases that require reduced immune response, dexamethasone is effective, and Redsewe can shorten the recovery time for patients with mild to moderate symptoms, but do not prevent complications or death.

More efficient: Gilead plans to launch Redseweer sprayer trial

Gilead Sciences, which developed the drug, is currently ramping up the supply of Redsewe. In addition, Gilead is working on new ways to improve the drug’s efficacy, one of which is to convert intravenous drugs into substances that can be used in sprayers.

Redseve needs to go directly into the blood of patients with new coronary pneumonia, which means it’s not an easy drug to use at home. The drug has only proven its effectiveness in moderate cases, so it may be a good idea to treat patients as quickly as possible to prevent complications. This is where the sprayer works.

Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day announced the sprayer test in an open letter Monday local time. The company will screen volunteers involved in the first phase of the study, and then begin using sprayers in patients with new coronary pneumonia in August.

Dr. Mangala Narasimhan, regional director of intensive care medicine at Northwell Health Center, told the New York Times that the sprayer would be more convenient but not guaranteed success. “It’s going to cause a lot of problems, like can we use it safely?” Under what occasion (use)? Do we need to do it alone? We have to find a safe way to do that. “

It is understood that the CEO of Gilead confirmed that the company will produce 2 million courses of Ridsiwe by the end of this year, next year will produce more courses. Now, the company is working with other governments and partners to increase the global supply of the experimental drug.