Apple watchOS 7 will start giving up Force Touch

Apple will phase out the Force Touch feature of the Apple Watch,media reported. Starting with watchOS 7, developers using this feature are being urged to look for a different way. This also suggests that the upcoming Series 6 will cancel the hardware that supports it. This could mean the arrival of thinner watches or larger capacity batteries or other features.

Apple watchOS 7 will start giving up Force Touch

On WWDC yesterday, Apple introduced the new features of watchOS 7. The wearable’s next operating system will have more complex custom surfaces, sleep applications, improved fitness apps, and more.

Perhaps what’s more interesting than what’s going to happen with the new Apple Watch software is what’s about to disappear. The updated Human Interface Guidelines (Apple Human Machine Interface Guide) show that watchOS 7 will no longer support TouchForce.

“In previous versions of watchOS 7, people could press the display hard to do something, such as changing the dial or displaying a hidden menu called force Touch menu,” the guide reads. In watchOS 7 and later versions, the system app can access previously hidden menu items on the relevant screen or settings screen.

MacRumors reports that some local apps have changed their functionality in the watchOS 7 beta to reflect the gesture features that are about to be disabled. Users can now access the dial customization menu with a long press.

Capacitive touch was removed from the iOS system after the iPhone XR was released. Instead, it is the “Haptic Touch” system, which requires long-term press rather than screen activation.

While Apple has yet to officially announce the reason for the change, the Apple Watch Series 6 looks set to be a hardware product that abandons Force Touch. It is speculated that removing the capacitor layer sonate under the screen would reduce production costs or leave more room for other features, such as a larger battery or a fingerprint scanner under the screen.

As for how Apple will eventually make changes, it won’t be known until this fall.