U.S. government declassified documents reveal a plan to bomb the moon with a nuclear bomb

A declassified U.S. government document reveals a decades-old plan for a lunar bomb,media BGR reported. When the space race began to really heat up, the bombing was supposed to be a show of force. The plan was called a “scientific disaster” by some who censored it, and it was ultimately not implemented.

U.S. government declassified documents reveal a plan to bomb the moon with a nuclear bomb

Secrets From the Black Vault contains what its author, John Greenwald, Jr., calls evidence that the U.S. military had some really crazy ideas about the moon in the 1950s. One of the most incredible so-called plans is to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Earth’s “neighbors” as a mission to demonstrate force to the rest of the world.

In 1959, the Soviet Union moved quickly after successfully putting Sputnik 1 into Earth orbit. The United States wants a response that would show that the United States is not only serious about space, but also a force to be reckoned with if the Soviet Union’s interest in space shifts from science to military. It wasn’t until 1969 that the United States truly achieved its goal of setting foot on the moon.

Plans for a nuclear explosion on the moon would show that even if the Soviets first reached the lunar surface, the United States was prepared to respond with lethal force if its competitors began using the moon for strategic military purposes.

Other memos covered in the book include proposals to establish a permanent base on the moon, noting that if such facilities “could be established first by the United States, the prestige and psychological advantages of the country would be priceless”. The project, called Project Horizon, will require the launch of dozens of Saturn 5 launch vehicles to the moon’s surface to transport materials for the site. The proposal proposes that a base of up to 20 people could be built and accommodated by 1966.

As for the plan to bomb the moon, the military has not advanced, though it is not clear why. A separate document on the plan suggests it could be an “unparalleled scientific disaster” that could help shake those in power.