Tesla accused of losing control of the scene exposed: all the way to the near-collision

June 24 news, yesterday, Jiangxi, a Tesla Model 3 was allegedtobe out of control of the case came to light. According to domestic media reports, on June 16, Nanchang, a Tesla Model 3 fire, owner Mr. Chen said, before the incident, the car in the driving state suddenly automatically accelerated to 127 km/h, he braked unresponsive, all the way to avoid 40 or 50 cars, and finally hit the dirt heap at the end of the road, the car stopped and caught fire.

Tesla accused of losing control of the scene exposed: all the way to the near-collision

From the exposure of the scene video, the recorder is located in the normal driving lane of the vehicle, the driver suddenly exclaimed, only to see the front of the high-speed to come to a car, directly from the two-way lane of the dual yellow line high-speed through, almost collided with the traffic. From the fixed frame, the car is a blue Tesla Model 3.

Mr. Chen was then taken by ambulance to the Third People’s Hospital in Nanchang City. After diagnosis and treatment, Mr. Chen abdominal injury has accumulated blood, when the hospital also out of the serious illness notice, after diagnosis and treatment has been out of danger, is currently in hospital for further treatment.

In addition, Mr. Chan has been tested by the police after the incident, ruling out the possibility of drink-driving and drug driving.

It is reported that the responsible for communicating the matter, Mr. Yang ,Changsha staff in response to the owner’s family on the phone, “our backoffice data show that in the minutes before the collision, the system did not monitor the driver to press the brake pedal, but the action of the accelerator pedal.” “

In this regard, Mr. Chen questioned, “I have been trying to deep on the brakes, but if the brakes failed, then how to monitor whether there is a brake action?” “

In response, Tesla responded: “Tesla has dealt with this matter for the first time and the government is now involved in the investigation.” Tesla’s car-like operations are data-recorded, and according to Tesla’s vehicle design principles, the brakes are very unlikely to cause the vehicle to accelerate itself. It is recommended that government departments make conclusions based on vehicle data and make further judgments. “