Study: An ancient planet like Earth with active plate tectonics or the best way to evolve life

According tomedia CNET, the Milky Way galaxy is the best choice for the evolution of life on ancient planets with active plate tectonics like Earth. That’s one of the conclusions came from researchers in Australia who used computer models to study the possibility of planets developing plate tectonics in the Milky Way, which contributed to the evolution of life.

Study: An ancient planet like Earth with active plate tectonics or the best way to evolve life

“Plate tectonics are important for livability, and it seems that the best conditions for plate tectonics are planets formed early in life in the Milky Way and may not be easily reproduced,” Professor Craig O’Neill, from Macquarie University, explained in a virtual presentation at the Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference on Monday. “For life, maybe that’s the best.” “

‘The tectonics of the Earth’s plates has some kind of thermostatic effect on our planet, and the world that has not developed plate tectonics may also lack the conditions for the evolution of life, ‘ O’Neill said. “It’s not just affecting surface temperature, it means that the core stays hot, which inhibits the development of magnetic fields. Without a magnetic field, the earth would not be able to shield the sun’s radiation and would be inclined to lose its atmosphere. So life becomes unsustainable. If a planet is to sustain life, it needs to be lucky enough to have the right location and the right chemistry of the Earth at the right time. “

O’Neill went on to reiterate that in the corners of our universe, “such luck may have run out”. “So, the planets that formed earlier were formed under conditions conducive to the development of life… These conditions are becoming less and less in our galaxy. “This means that if a planet doesn’t develop some dynamic geology yet, it may be too late.

Scientists now find it difficult to infer much from this discovery, which is based on computer models of the chemical composition of the universe for centuries.