Apple Mac turns to self-research chip Foreign media say agency TSMC will be a big beneficiary

June 24 (UPI) — According tomedia reports, Apple unveiled plans for its own ARM-based Mac processor at the WorldWide Developers Conference on Monday, local time, with the first self-developed chip Mac scheduled to ship by the end of this year and complete the transition in two years, when the Mac product line will be fully self-developed.

Apple Mac turns to self-research chip Media say agency TSMC will be a big beneficiary

As we all know, Apple has the ability to design chips, but not the ability to manufacture, Mac to self-research chip, chip generation industry and commerce will become a major beneficiary.

Media reported that Apple’s self-developed ARM-based Mac processor will be produced by TSMC, which is currently at the forefront of the chip process.

News of TSMC’s manufacturing Mac processor for Apple came out in April, whenmedia reported that TSMC would use the 5nm process for Apple’s foundry Mac processor.

TSMC is currently in the forefront of the industry in chip technology, in 2018 to take the lead in mass production of 7nm process, 5nm process this year has also been large-scale mass production, more advanced 3nm and 2nm process in many years ago has begun to plan, 3nm is planned next year risk trial production, 2022 large-scale mass production.

Apple Mac turns to self-research chip Media say agency TSMC will be a big beneficiary

Thanks to its advanced technology, TSMC has also received a large number of orders for chip contracts and has been the exclusive apple A-Series processor for many years, from the A10 to the present day, from the 2016 iPhone 7 series.

TSMC previously worked for Apple’s A-Series processors for iPhones and iPads, and based on the ARM architecture, Apple’s self-developed Mac processor is also based on the ARM architecture.

Since Apple has not disclosed specific sales of hardware products such as iPhones and iPads since fiscal 2019, five quarters have not been disclosed, it is unclear how many TSMC slots of Mac processors are available for Apple each year.

But in fiscal 2018, after the Mac product line is fully self-developed, Apple will hand over TSMC’s replacement slot son-in-hand to about 20 million dollars a year, and possibly more. In the four fiscal quarters of fiscal 2018, Apple Mac sales were 5.112 million units, 4.078 million units, 3.72 million units and 5.299 million units, respectively, with sales of 18.209 million units for the full fiscal year.

If, as Apple CEO Tim Cook says, Macs are more powerful than ever and have more features, and Mac sales are likely to increase, with demand for chips increasing and TSMC needing more contracts.