The development strategy of “1 plus 4 plus N” will be introduced in India with equipment such as electric toothbrushes

Citingmedia 91Mobile, the realme brand will expand its AIoT product line while deepening the smartphone market. The company announced the launch of electric toothbrushes, on-board chargers and smart home appliances, including smart speakers, in India.

This is an important exploration of realme’s announcement of a “1 plus 4 plus N” strategy, with a focus on the realme brand smartphone, with a focus on 4 Smart Hubs areas and the arrival of N Artificial of Intelligence Things (AIoT) products.

The four Smart Hubs domains are smart TVs, smart headsets, smart watches, and smart speakers. Realme has launched a TV, headset and smartwatch in India, and will soon launch a new smart speaker.

“This strategy will help us further enhance our smartphone and AIoT portfolio,” Madhav Sheth, realme’s chief executive, said at the company’s community forum. In addition, Realme also announced the launch of a new category of AIoT devices, including car chargers, backpacks, luggage, electric toothbrushes, smart scales, smart cameras, smart locks and more. Most of these devices won’t be available until later this year.