Footswith and Bacon double-decker burgers will return to McDonald’s U.S. menu next month

McDonald’s appears in no hurry to revive its traditional menu as most of the U.S. begins to reopen,media reported. McDonald’s executives note that limited-edition menus help boost service and profit margins, the Wall Street Journal reported. An interesting figure shows that with the new menu, the average time customers are forced to wait in line at the drop-off aisle has been reduced by 25 seconds.

While this may not seem like a long time in itself, it accumulates a lot when you serve hundreds of cars in a single day.

In a telephone interview this week, Joe Erlinger, McDonald’s president, said the company’s limited-edition menu has been a huge success and that the company is still committed to providing customers with simplified menus.

“While limited menus can play a role for some time, we also have to focus on what customers want when they come to McDonald’s,” Chris Kempczinski, McDonald’s CEO, said last week. I think the situation will be different in different markets. “

In addition, Kempczinski added: “I don’t think it’s likely to go back to where we were before the new crown outbreak or not.” But (at the same time) I don’t think we’re likely to keep the current menu. “

Footswith and Bacon double-decker burgers will return to McDonald's U.S. menu next month

That said, some of the recently abandoned menus will soon return to McDonald’s. After careful evaluation, company executives decided to re-launch seven menus: three desserts, two full-and-two burgers, burgers and black tea. At some point in July, all of these foods will be back on the U.S. menu.