Imported Model 3 out of control investigation: Tesla denies brake failure

“After the vehicle stalled, all the way up, ran through many traffic lights, the road to avoid more than 50 vehicles. Chen Yu (pseudonym), from Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, described the feeling as “stunning” and “like making a movie” in an interview with the Daily Economic News.

Imported Model 3 out of control investigation: Tesla denies brake failure

According to Chen Yu, on the afternoon of June 16, when he drove tesla importmodel 3 line through the Yangnan River Inn Intheain In the New District of Red Valley Beach in Nanchang City, the vehicle suddenly accelerated from 50 to 60km per hour to 127km/h, and the brakes were ineffective. After the vehicle lost control about 8 kilometers, Chen Yu chose to hit the mound to save himself, and eventually turned over and caught fire. At present, Chen Yu is still hospitalized.

It is understood that due to the usual running high-speed road section more, Chen Yu will be the vehicle’s maximum speed limit set at 127km/h. “Normally driving in the city, the speed is generally controlled at 50 to 60 km/h, but this time the vehicle suddenly raised the speed of 127km per hour, fortunately at that time the road pedestrians are relatively few, otherwise the consequences can not be imagined.” Chen Yu told reporters.

But Tesla denied the accident was caused by the Model 3 losing control and failing to brake. On June 24, Tesla sent to Chen Yu and his wife a “commissioned repair contract”, said that after the back-end process of vehicle driving data and site survey situation, the system detected a few minutes before the accident and the collision, there is a signal to press the accelerator pedal, no brake pedal signal;

Imported Model 3 out of control investigation: Tesla denies brake failure

Photo credit: Owner’s Instagram

“We are actively cooperating with the relevant investigation department sending the information to the police pending a conclusion,” the Company said. According to media reports, the Ministry of Public Security’s Institute of Traffic Management Science and the State Administration of Quality Inspection have sent people to Nanchang to participate in the accident investigation.

The owner of the car, who lost control and raced 8km, denied applying the wrong brake

From the scene of the accident photos, the Model 3 self-ignited after the fierce fire, accompanied by thick black smoke. “The vehicle has been checked into the parking lot of the Red Valley Beach Traffic Police Brigade. Chen Yu’s wife told the Daily Economic News that the vehicle she saw in the parking lot was completely out of sight.

Imported Model 3 out of control investigation: Tesla denies brake failure

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According to Chen Yu, after hitting the mound, the vehicle rolled over several times and began to smoke. “After the roll, the car glass was broken, and I climbed out of the front windshield window and quickly fled. After about ten minutes, the vehicle started to catch fire. Chen Yu told reporters that he was very sober, escapeafter abdominal pain, on the use of onlookers’ phone first dialed 120, then dialed 119, and finally dialed the traffic police alarm phone.

After the local hospital diagnosis, Chen Yu for “abdominal trauma”, abdominal blood accumulation. “There was a section of the intestine that had been amputated and the doctor said he couldn’t eat for more than half a month. Chen Yu told reporters that as of June 21, the cost of treatment has reached 50,000 yuan.

Imported Model 3 out of control investigation: Tesla denies brake failure

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“When the Tesla (Changsha) staff in charge of communicating the matter came, there was nothing to say. Chen Yu’s wife told reporters.

On June 23, the reporter called the above-mentioned Tesla staff, the other side only said: “Things are still in the process of processing, the specific when will be able to produce results, but also to see the relevant traffic management department investigation and treatment results.” “

However, the reporter from the staff and Chen Yu and his wife before a number of previous call recordings found that the Tesla staff has been stressed that the back-office data show that the accident vehicle did not appear brake failure problems, and said that “the vehicle does not have product quality problems, there is no compensation situation, purely an accident.” “

Chen Yu and his family are very angry about this. “They suspected that I had misjudged the accelerator as a brake, but I was more than 20 years old and couldn’t have made such a low-level mistake. And the car got out of control for 8kilometer, and I couldn’t have stepped on it all the way. Chen Yu said.

Some netizens agree with Chen Yu’s statement. “It takes nearly four minutes to step 8km, ” I believe. For 4 minutes, I can only assume that I didn’t touch the car at all. The above-mentioned netizens said.

On June 24, live video of the accident vehicle being alleged to have lost control came to light. In this video, the vehicle where the recorder is located is driving normally in the driveway, and the blue Tesla Model 3 in front of it passes directly from the dual yellow line in the two-way lane, narrowly colliding with the traffic.

Car owner ready to sue Tesla

Chen Yu told reporters that from the vehicle began to lose control to climb out of the car to call the police and emergency calls, to the hospital surgery, he has been awake. “When the vehicle stalled, I noticed that the speed shown on the display was 127km/h. Chen Yu said.

The Tesla staff also said that in addition to brake failure, Chen Yu said the accident vehicle speed and other conditions and back-office monitoring data are basically consistent.

However, some netizens speculated that the owner may have turned on Autopilot’s auto-assisted driving feature while driving, which ultimately led to the accident. Chen Yu denied the claim. “The imported Model 3 was chosen to be in the face of Tesla’s brand influence and didn’t pay much attention to its self-driving capabilities. Mr Chen said he had never used the feature for more than a year.

Imported Model 3 out of control investigation: Tesla denies brake failure

Recently, there are media reports that Tesla’s official response to the incident, according to Tesla’s vehicle design principle, the brake failure of the vehicle itself is very unlikely to accelerate.

But Mr. Chen disagrees, stressing that “every word he says is true” and that if Tesla ultimately fails to give a satisfactory account, he will defend itself through legal action against Tesla at a later stage.

Chen Yu is not short of supporters. “If it turns out that Tesla suddenly lost control and the brakes failed, I think all the owners support the owner’s rights,” one Tesla Model 3 owner told reporters. “

However, there are also netizens think that the above-mentioned accident probability will not be. “All along, Tesla’s strategy at home can be summed up in six words: no PR, no explanation. Something happened, we can only guess, guess to guess and then just pass. The above-mentioned netizens said.

Imported Model 3 out of control investigation: Tesla denies brake failure

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Tesla denies ‘accidental acceleration’

At present, there is no official conclusion of the above-mentioned accident. However, reporters found that complaints about Tesla’s similar uncontrolled acceleration are not in the minority.

In January, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received a petition that included 127 complaints of “accidental acceleration” of Tesla vehicles involving 123 vehicles and 110 crashes involving 52 people.

The complaint says a sudden acceleration occurred when the owner tried to park the Tesla vehicle in the garage or on the side of the road. Other car owners say the sudden acceleration occurs during traffic or when using the autopilot aid system, which eventually leads to a crash.

The petition makes it clear that the complaint against Tesla’s “accidental acceleration” involves Tesla cars made between 2013 and 2019, including model s 3, Model S and Model X models, the Associated Press reported. The report found that Tesla Motors had an unexpected acceleration risk and called for a recall of 500,000 Tesla electric cars.

In response, Tesla issued a statement saying: “The doubts about the safety risks of the vehicle are a smear on Tesla, and there is no ‘accidental acceleration’ of Tesla vehicles.”

“We analyzed the driving data for every vehicle accident that we learned, and concluded that Tesla Motors was operating as planned in all incidents. That is, the car accelerates only when the driver lets the car accelerate, and when the driver presses the brake pedal, the vehicle slows down or stops normally. “Tesla said that in the actual driving process, if the driver inadvertently pressed the brake pedal and accelerator pedal at the same time, according to the design requirements, the brake pedal priority will be higher, at this time the accelerator pedal instructions will not function, the motor torque will be cut off, continuous braking, the vehicle will stop.

But the loss of control of the Tesla vehicle is still happening. In May, Tesla was hit with complaints from many owners in the country about a sudden stall caused by a faulty model 3 (both imported and domestic) motor. In early June, a moving Tesla Model 3 crashed into a white van that flipped over the middle of a highway in Taiwan. The owner was using Tesla’s Autopilot feature, but it failed to identify the overturned truck in front.

According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, Tesla has had about 25 major traffic accidents worldwide, 12 of which have caught fire and killed eight people.

By Li Xing, Editor-in-Piece