Brick-laying robot Hadrian X gets new milestone: 200 bricks in an hour

According tomedia reports, had been hit a new milestone in the speed of the Hadrian X brick-laying robot — it could build 200 bricks in an hour. The giant machine was built by Fastbrick Robotics ( FBR ) , which aims to have Hadrian X build 1,000 bricks an hour.

Brick-laying robot Hadrian X gets new milestone: 200 bricks in an hour

For comparison, artificial bricklayers typically build 300 to 500 bricks a day, while human speed records are 914 bricks in an hour.

By contrast, Hadrian X’s 200 bricks per hour seem slower, but it doesn’t use ordinary bricks. It uses bricks that are specially made by FBR and 12 times larger than standard house bricks. The adhesive connecting the bricks also comes from FBR raw materials, unlike conventional mortars, which take only 45 minutes to dry, compared with one to two days.

The FBR says their special bricks are lighter, stronger and minimize waste, but Hadrian X is not limited to them. It can also be built on a series of standard bricks of different sizes.

Unlike brick-building robots such as construction robotics firm CONSTRUCTION Robotics’ SAM100, Hadrian X uses its retractable arms to build brick in the corner and to build curved walls.

For ease of transport, Hadrian X can also be installed on trucks, boats, barges, cranes or more. After entering the site, manual operators are required to install and load the bricks into the Hadrian X, but full autonomy is achieved once the installation is completeand the operation is up and running.

At this time, hadrian X is not on the market, but the SAM100 is already on the market. People can get THE PRICE OF THE SAM100 directly from the Construction Robotics website.